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Raw Links

A Critique of BARF - www.burns-pet-nutrition.co.uk/BARF_Raw_Food_Diet.htm 

An explanation of feeding raw - www.ggbtc.org/ggbtcHealth.html 

Pictorial Raw How-To pages

Veggie Mush www.rawdogranch.com/veggie_mush.htm
How To www.auntjeni.com/barf.htm 
Step-By-Step www.touchmoon.com/dotters/raw/index.shtml 
Siberians www.biswebdesign.com/ellietannuflyer/barfmenu.htm 

Books www.barfers.com or www.barfworld.com 

Give Your Dog A Bone, Dr. Ian Billinghurst - my pick if you are going to buy one.  It's not easy to read, but the information is there.
Grow Your Pup With Bones, Dr Ian Billinghurst - my pick for starting a puppy, also hard to read, not organized, but the raw data is there
The BARF Diet, Dr Ian Billinghurst - if you've bought the others, buy this one.  He changes some of the ratios and now is selling his own products (he's entitled).  But my problem with this book is that it doesn't give you the details of the diet, just the summary.  
Switching to Raw, Sue Johnson - good if you like workbooks as guidelines
The Ultimate Diet, Kymyth Shultz - same as Dr B with too much emphasis on grains.  That may work for your breeds, but mine were bred by people who didn't have access to grains, they wouldn't have been feeding them to their dogs.  
The Veterinarians Guide to Natural Remedies for Dogs, Martin Zucker.  Uses a lot of information for current practicing homeopathic vets.  Emphasis is on cooking and grains -- neither of which I think are appropriate to sleddogs who evolved in the artic.
Volhard - cooking and grains
Fats that Kill
Raw Feeding Made Easy, dogwise.com -- GREAT starter book
Monica Segal's K9 Kitchen, for a detailed spreadsheet approach to feeding raw

Email Lists

These are uniformly helpful, informative & GENTLE lists which will help you make the transition and support you as needed.  No stridency, no witch hunts, and no public lynchings for daring to mention the K word (kibble) or gradually changing over.  Doubts on these lists are not vilified, they are accepted and dealt with.


K9Kitchen (Monica Segal)

Next... no, you're done.  Go buy the books, get off your duff, and go to the grocery store!  

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