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Morning Mist Wakon "Misty"

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CH Wakon's Arctic Wolf X Wakon's Karaya
2/11/79 - 12/16/89
Owner Billie Stewart

Open Letter to those who share our sorrow:

Dear Friends,

This letter is to let you know our beloved Misty died during the night of Saturday, December 9th.  She would have been eleven years old in January.  Misty went into her house, laid down with her back to the door, and her spirit went to join the mountain mist for which she was named.

We fell in love with her Sire, CH Wakon's Arctic Wolf, and waited impatiently for her arrival. She was pick bitch of the litter and was everything we could have hoped for.  It was Misty who taught us what a Malamute was really all about.  She soon became Alpha dog and continued her reign for over ten years. Her intelligence and her wisdom never ceased to amaze us, the 2-leggeds who shared her world.

Misty was Wakon, having the massive size and laid back temperament for which the Wakon's were known at the time.  We bred her  to Tobe's Big Bad John, a "Jake" son, CH Karohunta's Skymaster, one of the greets of our breed.  It was a complete outcross as Misty was from the ToAlaKen line and Big Bad John was from the Kadora/T'Domar lines.  From this union, we kept "Wayeh," Wayeh Needa Mist, TT, ROM, OB-ROM and "Laz," Lazerus Wayeh, with Wayeh becoming our first show dog.  We then named our kennel for Wayeh. Misty was spayed, never having another litter.  She supervised and socialized the rearing of every other puppy we had, whether from our breeding or from a stud fee puppy out of Laz. She was a very "paws on" leader.

We all had meaningful two-way conversations with Misty over the years.  There was no doubt that Misty often read our minds and anticipated our actions.  During this last summer, Misty developed a cyst over her left front knee, and I promised her I would not do anything about it.  However, the nodule grew, and grew, and although incapacitated, she was in good spirits.  Although she wad difficulty getting up an down, she always responded to us -- greeting us when we came home from work.  Our favorite photographer visited about Thanksgiving.  Misty rose to the occasion, enjoying the special attention of being photographed.  The week before Misty passed, she had a thorough checkup at our vet's.  He pronounced her in good health, except for arthritic joints.  The lab studies were all within normal range -- her heart and lungs were OK, and the x-ray of her leg indicated a soft tumor with no bone involvement.  She was scheduled for surgery to remove the tumor on December 11th -- but Misty had her own agenda to keep.  It did not include surgery.

Our Native American friends tell us that I one lives a good life, one can choose the time and place of one's death. Misty made her choice, passing on in her sleep.

Misty's granddaughter's have excelled in obedience.  Her great-granddaughter "Finder," CH Wayeh's Wayfinder Atali, her grandson "Cherokee," CH Wayeh's Cherokee Brave, CGC, TT, TDI, and her great-grandson "Sky." CH Wayeh's Kentucky Skywalker, have become our first, second and third champions.  The joy and companionship Misty brought us will forever be with us.  We look forward to continuing Misty's legacy at Wayeh Kennels.

Bon Voyage, Misty.  We know your spirit is running up and down the valley chasing cows and hunting critters.  We glimpse you watching us as we go about our yard chores.  We will take care of your descendants until the time comes for us to be united again.


Horace and Billie Stewart
December 1989

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