Wayeh Photo Albums (1981-present)
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AKC ptd/INT CH Hudson's Notorious Nikko WTD "Nikko" 
X AKC mjrs/INT CH Wayeh Singn Follow Me Masasyu CGC RN WTD UWP "Sunny"
"SUN" litter, b. 2005, 10-gen COI 7%, breeder Sidney Helen Sachs
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AKC ptd Wayeh Racin the Sun CGC
"F2/Shadow @ Wayeh" 
(Zoe in OH)
Wayeh Summer Ice Sleigh Ride "Ryder"
Nat'l/Int'l/Jr CH
Wayeh Summer Ice Sleigh Ride
"F3/Ryder" (FL) 86lbs @ 2y
addie-yukon-gohome.jpg (16918 bytes) yukon-addie-9wo.jpg (11681 bytes) yukon-15wo.jpg (34247 bytes) addie-3mo.jpg (22687 bytes) addy-yukon-6mo-iabca06.jpg (21215 bytes) liz-yukon-addy-6mo-iabca06.jpg (14664 bytes) yukon-addie-1yo.jpg (40119 bytes)
yukon-07.jpg (61107 bytes)
addie-07.jpg (52310 bytes) 
Wayeh Sun King & Wayeh Sun Will Rise
"Yukon" 117lbs & "Addie" 87lbs @ 2y (KY)
noah-gohome.jpg (23531 bytes) noah-3mo.jpg (13252 bytes) maggie-noah.jpg (79587 bytes) 
Wayeh Sunshine on a Cloudy Day
"M3/Noah" 135lbs @2y (TN)
 - With his buddy Maggie -- Wayeh _____ (Brady X Storm)
neiko-gohome.jpg (7013 bytes) neikko-9wo.jpg (12512 bytes) neikko-16wo.jpg (37964 bytes) neikko-7mo.jpg (35421 bytes) 
neikko-1yo.jpg (33109 bytes)
neikko-13mo.jpg (68080 bytes) neikko-14m.jpg (15203 bytes) neikko-15m.jpg (47443 bytes) neikko-16m.jpg (32066 bytes)  
Wayeh Pacific Sun
"M1/Neikko" 110lbs @ 2y (CA)
Neikko has his own web page @ Pacific Malamutes (need link)
cowboy-9wo.jpg (9383 bytes) cowboy-10wo-kiyu.jpg (10296 bytes) cowboy-10wo-kiyu-b.jpg (12349 bytes) cowboy-4mo.jpg (25894 bytes) cowboy-1yo.jpg (7158 bytes) cowboy-07.jpg (46816 bytes) 
Wayeh Long Tall TexSun
"M4/Cowboy" 110# @ 2y (TX) with his buddy Kiyu
cooper-gohome-b.jpg (11217 bytes) cooper-gohome-c.jpg (17714 bytes) cooper-gohome.jpg (23836 bytes) cooper.jpg (30694 bytes) cooper-leaves.jpg (37279 bytes) cooper-1yo.jpg (30497 bytes) 
Wayeh Lil Piece of Sunshine
"M2/Cooper" @ 1y (AL)
*When Cooper's new mom picked him up and held him for the first time, there was a diamond engagement ring hooked through his puppy collar.  Cooper's new dad and I waited and waited and waited for her to find it, it seemed to take FOREVER.  But she finally did find the ring and then the party really started. <G>  
ayla-3mo.jpg (8906 bytes)`ayla-3mo-play.jpg (10343 bytes) ayla-5mo.jpg (15576 bytes)
Wayeh Indian Summer Sun
"F4/Ayla" @ 9wo (PA)
sierra-4m.jpg (20800 bytes) sierra.jpg (36622 bytes) sierra-b.jpg (35061 bytes) sierra-c.jpg (30063 bytes)
Wayeh East End Sunrise
"F1/Sierra" @ 3mo (NY)

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