Wayeh Photo Albums (1981-present)
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AKC ptd/INT CH Hudson's Notorious Nikko WTD "Nikko" 
X AKC mjr ptd/INT CH Wohali on the Wayeh Wind WTD UWP "Storm"
"WINTER" litter, b. 2005. 10-gen COI 6%, breeder Sidney Helen Sachs
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AKC ptd
Wayeh Winter Wind CGC
"Shiver" (2005-2008)
(Stayed @ Wayeh too short a time & missed every day)
wayehwintersnowangel-adawehi.jpg (19721 bytes) wayehwintersnowangel-adawehi-b.jpg (26053 bytes) wayehwintersnowangel-adawehi-c.jpg (55867 bytes) wayehwintersnowangel-adawehi-d.jpg (30040 bytes) adie.jpg (51392 bytes)  adie-b.jpg (30211 bytes) adie-1y.jpg (31886 bytes) adie-1y-c.jpg (25483 bytes) 
Wayeh Winter Snow Angel
"Adawehi" (CA)
wayehwintermoon-luna2.jpg (12584 bytes) wayehwintermoon-luna2-b.jpg (15934 bytes) wayehwintermoon-luna2-c.jpg (50651 bytes) wayehwintermoon-luna2-d.jpg (69220 bytes) wayehwintermoon-luna2-e.jpg (85167 bytes)  
wayehwintermoon-luna2-f.jpg (111480 bytes)
wayehwintermoon-luna2-g.jpg (65124 bytes) wayehwintermoon-luna2-h.jpg (58929 bytes) wayehwintermoon-luna2-k.jpg (22411 bytes)
Wayeh Winter Moon
"Luna2" (CO)
Charlie B.Sienna
Wayeh Winter B. Sienna
"Charlie B. Sienna" (TX)
Charlie's Page
Wayeh Winter On my Mind
"Callie" (GA)

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