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These recommendations are not a substitute for a liscenced Veternarian.  Talk to your vet before you try anything you find on a website.

American Animal Hospital Association 

800-252-2242. If you are away from home and need veterinary care, call that number between 9 and 5.  

Holistic or Home Remedies

We do home remedies for many things. We use a honey/lemon concoction for sore throats.  We use diluted ginger tea and a bland diet of rinsed/cooked ground beef and plain brown rice for upset stomachs.  We use Gatorade for dehydration. We use vitamin C in the form of whole oranges for growing pups and the old ones (and anyone else who wants them.) We use a half kibble, half green bean diet as a method of weight reduction. 

We use Ivormec cattle wormer for monthly canine HW prevention because our vet gave us the proper doses. But we rely on Scientifically PROVEN methods for vaccinations and for illnesses that require vet attention or antibiotics. And we require a vet reference to ensure that you do as well. It's TN State Law that you get an annual Rabies vaccination, to protect humans, so that's part of our contract. The other boosters protect the dogs, so we will insist on both.

But all dogs are examined by a licensed Veterinarian. The dog gets a physical exam, from nose to toes to tail. He is neutered, Heartworm tested, Fecal tested, Rabies, boosters, microchipped, and treatment for any problems the vet finds.

More later!

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