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Whether you are working on a "leg" in a Working Dog Program with 30% of the dog's weight in a pack and 10+ miles each trip or you just want to enjoy the trees and birds and squirrels, taking your dog on a woodsy hike can be great fun for you and the dog.

Akyla in packJack, Bear, SidneyTaugusJack, Bear, Ken

Make sure your dog is leashed.  Nothing makes a well trained dog revert like a squirrel or bird darting across his path.  Also, many parks and wilderness areas are banning dogs because of off-leash problems.  Be a good citizen, leash your dog, and pick up after them in public.  A Flexi-leash and a few plastic baggies can make sure we can all enjoy the parks with our dogs in the future.

Our guys love their backpacks.  We'll pack 2-3 miles without much preparation, but before we plan a 10+ mile hike, or an overnight, we'll start conditioning early.


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Recommended Reading

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