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Hiking with Lady Justice

I'm frozen solid.  Not one of my better ideas.  <G>

But I had promised Justice the 3rd leg on her WPD.  I'd gotten the pack out, packed it with water, first aid, ID, extra socks, flashlight.  I wore an orange vest.  We both wore bells -- hunting season.  But one thing and another and it was 3 pm before we started out.  I know this hike like my own backyard -- wait, it IS my own backyard.  Simple hike.  Start from my house, go to my neighbor's to weigh her pack, than up into the ridges, find the powerlines, and go 5 miles south.  Say "Hey" to old man Beachem -- who is convinced I'm insane.  Turn around and come home.  Simple.  Right.  Except it got dark around 5:30.  And it's cold.  And raining.  I would almost swear to sleet before we got back.

We crawled up hills and slid down gullies.  Broke a strap on the pack.  Half my pictures didn't turn out.  I'm frozen solid.  Muddy to my ears. But Lady Justice, almost 9, just got her (BOB Vet) INT Veterans CH and she acts like a 2yo.  Since we almost lost her twice (first to Pyometria, second to hypothyroidism), she pretty much gets what she wants.  And if all she wants is some time alone and GOING somewhere, it's a simple thing to grant her.  (She carts with the grandkids, but it's not really her thing.)

I'm frozen, shaking, soaked despite my rain gear.  Justice is bouncing around, muddy and soaked, too, but HAPPY.

(8 AKC pts) IABCA-INT Vet CH Wayeh's Just Before the Dawn, CGC, 3/4 WPD, 1/4 WTD "Justice"

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