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Nothing Happened (10/00)

You're not going to believe this after the last few adventures.  But for 3 runs in a row.... nothing happened.  We're tried different trails, different temperatures, and different combinations of dogs.  And.... nothing.

Yeah, I'm not believing it either.  But, being a willing victim to this tragedy, I plod on.  We're going to get our carting/sledding titles this fall.  So we're training on several 10-mile loops.

Day 1 & 2:

Starting out in the yard -- hookups are a deadly thing...  Especially since Summer's in lead for the first time with Nu-Nu.

11-month-olds Tom T. and Singer hooked in last.  I'm waiting for the troubles to start...

Now would be a good time to do seomthing, kids...  But they don't.  We start down the driveway (no way am I taking my hands off the t-bar to take pictures, folks, you can forget it) and head for some big pine trees and I yell "Summer, Gee OVER" and... and... and she does.  (Huh?)

We get out on the main road and into a nice easy trot...

Quickly becomes a flat-out gallop...  I knew it, no way they'd have a nice easy run.  Not MY team!

So I'm prepared for disaster.  I call to them to "E-Z" (slow down) and then "Woah!" And well, heck, they do...

The rest of the trip went the same way.  They actually did what was requested.  When I told them to Gee Over, well, I'm stunned to say for the first time in 4 years, they DID.

And when I told them to "Haw-Over" again, stunningly, they actually, well, Hawed over... Who the heck stole my pet team and replaced it with these... obedient, trained sled dogs!!!!?

Day 3:
So feeling cocky, I took them off the nice easy, FLAT, roads and put them on the lumpy, bumpy, dirt and fire road we'll be using for our sledding/carting legs. Can they do 10 miles????

Th-th-these are b-b-bump-p-p-y bec-ause we are g-g-g-going over b-b-bumps...

Still b-b-bumpy.  Still pulling strong.  Who are these dogs? Perfect pulling, gangline is straight as an arrow down the middle.  Heads down.  Tails mostly down.  Ears flat.

I can see the end of the trail...  We're almost there... And... they did it.  I know you expected this to be funny, but... well, sorry.  Maybe I'll have a specular wreck next time, but for 3 days in a row we had completely uneventful sledding (well, except Summer deciding to take the lo---ong way home through the creek, but oh well.  No harm.  No foul.  No pictures.)

Happy Trails!

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