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Bourbon & Lucy were adopted by John Y. & Sandy D. from Sleddog Rescue.  So here's an update on their new life and a camping trip adventure. These dogs were 8- & 9-years-old and were completely unsocialized at the puppy mill. Thanks to a lot of patience and one-on-one attention here, and from Bourbon's foster mom Sherry P. and of course from their new adoring family, John & Sandy, they are learning what Siber-life is supposed to be about.

John wrote:

"I wanted to let everyone know that the camping trip went well. I think the dogs enjoyed the trip. We got up to the land after dark so we tethered the dogs to the hitch on the truck and set up the tent. The dogs were a little unsure of what was going on but did very well. It was a beautiful night with a big bright full moon. We then fed the dogs and took them for a walk. By now, they were more settled. After the walk we all turned in and went to bed. The dogs were great in the tent and slept most of the night. We all got up in the morning and the dogs were themselves. We took them out and they seemed to like what they saw. After about an hour, we decided to release their tethers from the tree and let them explore the campsite. They enjoyed that and immediately found places to lay down and watch the world go by. Later some of our guests came and Bourbon would back down into the weeds and lay where he could watch everything. Lucy decided she had had enough and headed to the tent. she spent most of her time in the vestibule to the tent where it was quiet. They did very well when the rest of our friends arrived. Bourbon is still very shy around people but is learning how to deal with them.( He does not run a half mile in the other direction. :>) We took them into the river on Sunday and I think they both enjoyed the water. Neither would go in above their chests. Bourbon went fishing with Sandy and would follow her out in the water and stand near her. Sorry, I do not have a picture of that one. Lucy and I were playing in the water with her ball. She loved to chase it into the water until it got deep. Then I had to fetch. :) Neither would get into the canoe though although they were interested in it.

"I think everyone had a good time. I know I did. The dogs met several people and other dogs this weekend and received a lot of compliments. I will send a few pictures of the trip. Most of them are of Bourbon because the batteries were low on the camera."

Bourbon & Lucy's Camping Trip
Bourbon on the sand bar.

Bourbon & Lucy's Camping Trip
Bourbon in the fields.

Bourbon & Lucy's Camping Trip
Lucy checking things out from the tent.

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